Meet our Founder

About Cherry

My name is Cherry Solano, I began my career in the beauty industry in 1997. I
pursued my passion for aesthetics and established a Beauty Salon in
Sydney’s lower North Shore. Not long after that, the industry was moving
towards laser technology and injectables, clients wanted quicker/visible result. I
decided to advance my knowledge in dermal therapy incorporating laser
technology and dermal treatments. This area in the industry gave me the
opportunity to further understand what clients needed for their skin. I wanted to
learn, and most of all help others to love and achieve their skins expectation
through consistent and proper skin management.

I believe that the true beauty is the freedom to be you. With 20 years hands on
experience I devoted my passion to caring for skin outside the clinic and put that passion into bottles. I am fortunate enough to have found the right combination of ingredients that addresses our busy, stressful lifestyle. I have put together the fundamental in achieving healthy skin that is practical and convenient. First know your skin and understand your client to create that perfect balance. BU Skin Cosmeceuticals with 6 active products that when combined will prolong collagen life cycle and encourage collagen formation, skin cells rejuvenation whilst improving the skin tone.

I have treated many different skin types and with this knowledge I want to
encourage others and pass on the MPR approach, which is “maintain, prevent
and rejuvenate “

Every ingredient like Dragons blood known to have the highest antioxidant,
Hyaluronic acid that intensely hydrates the skin, Peptides which stimulates
collagen, Australia’s own Lavender to calm and soothe. These ingredients
have been carefully selected combining powerful formulation using science,
nature and technology. I wanted ingredients that is gentle and delivers result.
The combination of cosmeceutical with natural plant and oil extract is the perfect potion.

I believe that by maintenance and management of the skin will prevent any
future skin disfunction and delaying the ageing process before it needs to be
treated. Proper skincare regimen achieves great result and because it is made in
Australia you know you are getting quality.