Who Are We?


B U Skin Cosmeceuticals is an Australian-made anti-aging, skincare range designed for you! Our name is loosely derived from the acronym of the words "Be You". Or the act of "Being Yourself". Because we believe that every individual was born with perfectly beautiful skin and that unfortunately over time through a combination of circumstances, diet, lifestyle and lack of knowledge our skin sustains continuous damage to the point where it becomes more and more visible.

B U Skin Cosmeceuticals was created to repair this damage and assist in restoring your skin's health to help you experience the best version of yourself.

Our Approach

Our fundamental approach to youthful looking skin is defined by using a combination of science, nature and technology to Maintain, Prevent and Rejuvenate.  

  • Maintain - Skin maintenance is necessary to preserve the functionality of healthy looking skin. It promotes circulation, oxygenation, muscle tone and collagen production.
  • Prevent - Prevention is better than cure. Looking after the skin with a good skincare regimen is like a workout for the skin. It will delay signs of ageing as well as preventing unnecessary damage. A regular cleansing is not enough, exfoliating will remove impurities and dead skin cells. Infusing active ingredients to stimulate and hydrates to keep the skin firm and plump.
  • Rejuvenate - Using high quality active ingredients in your skincare routine will give the skin a workout. It promotes fibroblast activity and production of collagen and elastin eg: Heptapeptide8 stimulates collagen, Dragons blood extract high in anti-oxidant and  Hyaluronic acid which hydrates.

We are very excited to provide an unparalleled selection of the very best quality active natural ingredients to deliver real results.